• Natalie Cole - Our Love Is Here To Stay (Live) [2016]







    1.Easy Does It (Live ReMastered)  2:57  

    2.Route 66 (Live ReMastered)     3:53   

    3.Fever (Live ReMastered)    4:50  

    4.Tell Me All About It (Live ReMastered)  5:23  

    5.Our Love Is Here to Stay (Live ReMastered)   3:29  

    6.Tenderly (Live ReMastered)   2:38   

    7.For Sentimental Reasons (Live ReMastered)  2:23  

    8.Autumn Leaves (Live ReMastered)   3:24  

    9.Mona Lisa (Live ReMastered)   2:19   

    10.Smile (Live ReMastered)   3:47   

    11.It's Alright with Me (Live ReMastered)  3:38  

    12.Wonderful You (Live ReMastered)   2:23  








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