• Natalie Cole - Stardust [1996]







    There's A Lull In My LIfe 5:22

    Stardust 4:40

    Let's Face The Music And Dance 2:16

    Teach Me Tonight 3:16

    When I Fall In Love 4:12

    What A Difference A Day Made 3:16

    Love Letters 4:49

    He Was Too Good To Me 5:07

    Dindi (Portuguese) 4:36

    Two For The Blues 4:22

    If Love Ain’t There 3:25

    To Whom It May Concern 3:27

    Where Can I Go Without You 4:23

    Ahmad’s Blues 4:13

    Pick Yourself Up 3:31

    If You Could See Me Now 4:42

    Like A Lover 5:17

    This Morning It Was Summer 3:24

    When I Fall In Love (Spanish) 4:12






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